ING Wholesale Banking Hungary is a top provider in lending, payments and cash management, foreign exchange, government bonds.

ING Wholesale Banking Hungary is a top provider in transaction services (payments and cash management), foreign exchange, government bonds, lending. We serve a wide range of organisations, including corporates, multinational corporations, financial institutions.

We help our clients by combining our expertise in areas, such as energy and cross-border transactions, with a wide range of structured products. We have a vast network of product specialists and industry experts, all ready to help.

Our solutions can be tailored to the exact way you do your business.

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You are on the website of ING Bank N.V. Hungary Branch. Based on the business policy of ING Bank N.V. Hungary Branch and the statutory regulations of Hungary, ING Bank N.V. Hungary Branch provides services only to large corporates in Hungary, and does not offer account services or any financial services to natural persons. In the case of any account, payment card, online banking services or investments in securities at other ING Group entity outside of Hungary, ING Bank N.V. Hungary Branch cannot act in substance based on the statutory regulations. In the above cases, please contact the customer services of that entity of ING Group where the bank account was opened or other services were provided . Should you have any further questions, please contact the ING branch which provided the service.


ING Wholesale Banking Hungary
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